Video Learning



Visual media strategy for an online math academy with animated explainer videos & interactive digital media for Product demos

Location: London / Bangalore
Client: Math teacher
Project: Online Math Academy
Development: Phase 01, 02 & 03
Completed: Phase 01 - January 2020
In Progress: Phase 02 (Phase 03 May 2020)

The Plot

A humble Math teacher and his devious plans for World Domination.

Sounds like a “Once upon a time” story from a long, long time ago, right? Well, we were really hoping that would be the case too.

In the real world, the teacher appeared to be just an ordinary someone who wanted a virtual platform to teach math to kids online until... he started talking about his devious ambitions. We realized that he was not teaching the typical "run of the mill" Math lessons that we normally know of… his was a unique, exotic and “a nuke exploded in your face” kind of Math that is ridiculously faster than the average kind.

This was a “hallelujah” opportunity that we grabbed by the tail and dove in head first!

The Challenge

To create an Online Math Academy that teaches kids, different ways to solve math problems at lightning speed and using only their mind as a calculator.

The Solution

Create interactive visual lessons, develop a custom-made Virtual Math Tool and design a learning management system (LMS) for different types of courses.

  1. Marketing - Demo / Explainer videos (completed)
  2. Content Creation - Animated video content (in progress)
  3. Backend Development - Virtual Math tool & Video LMS for distribution
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