riding in on a FLYING WHALE

is a great way to make...

a grand

we can think of more ways!

We believe in what you do and we think it’s AWESOME.

What does a school teacher who dreams of teaching math lessons to kids online have in common with a small business that makes premium but affordable home décor products? Both are dreams that became real and need to be shared with the right people. And both have great stories behind them that need to be told in their own style.

This is our cue…

we step in, get all smart and technical, and throw around some gibberish about how we use “content marketing strategy with visual branding, business communication and creative development to generate visual solutions that will promote your business to the appropriate target audiences resulting in a profitable market positioning.” - Trust me, we’re not kidding.

We’re just saying…

we understand how Business and Technology helps big companies get ahead. And we’ll use the same knowledge to help you and your ideas to reach your perfect audience.This way, we make sure that people not only get to see your stories, but also connect with you because they want more.
And “more” is always great for business, Right?!

our stories

A few of our most memorable projects are listed here. Some of them have the support of technology to make the stories impactful and some of them have been treated with creativity to keep the concept realistic.

Mapping our journey

Evolution - TIMELINE

We love creating Visual Media content, and for over a decade, we have been flawlessly mixing various types of visual media together like images, motion media, graphics, animation and immersive technology to create stories that help the audience to connect, engage and in the end, take action.

We design visual influences that work for both businesses as well as their audience. A double edged sword of sorts.

"We have a need for templates and design formats for branding and other collaterals and use Visual design for better representation of our brand story. Through inZilpa we were able to achieve professional outlook through branding and other visual aides to bolster confidence in our underlying services."
Anirudh Ayyangar
Principal Consultant at Plariis Consulting
"Design complications and creative concepts were two major factors that made it difficult to reach relevant Audience in a visually appealing manner. Inzilpa helped complete our efforts towards communicating the right message to the audience with Service Explainer videos, Infographics & Short videos for blogs."
Satish Kumar
Founder at Outsmart Marketing