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Get Personal

We know that a marketing plan which involves reaching out to everyone blindly is a thing of the past. Unsolicited cold calls and e-mailer campaigns can get you "Blocked", marked as "Spam" or even earn you the badge of a confused and desperate marketer. But beyond all that, it leads to a huge waste of money, time and manpower.

We believe that, today's social media influenced world demands us to be much more smarter and knowledgeable about who our customers are. This is possible only by identifying that unique set of people who are interested & curious about our product/service, so that we can talk to them before we turn them into loyal customers. But, how is it actually done?!!

it's what WE DO BEST!!

We take a long, hard look at your business, identify the right type of audience for it and prepare content that is appealing to those audiences. Making it easy for you to talk to them and convert them into long term customers. This requires extensive skills in Marketing Strategy, Social Media awareness and Creative media Production. Our small team of masterminds brings you this expertise gained over a span of 2 decades.

This is a new era in Marketing... and it's very PERSONAL!!!

TALK to your Audience

Owners of Small & Medium Businesses with small team sizes are constantly switching roles to compensate for the lack of support in all departments. They're randomly hopping between Management, Operations, Finance, Marketing and even Sales tasks to keep the organization functioning normally. But in this chaos and without their realization, they end up dismissing tasks which are vitally important to the business.
Such as Communications & Creatives... the core ingredient in the preparation of "everything they need to talk to their audience", that includes "Blogs, Articles, Pictures, Graphics, Animations & Videos". These are usually left for the last minute and most likely as the responsibility of an unwitting and panic stricken intern, who is clueless about what goes where and why?

this is our CUE!

We are visual content marketers and our four-step process results in a plan that is evidence-based, strategic, and easily do-able. Your content marketing strategy will tell your audience how awesome your business is, and show them how they can be part of that awesomeness.


This is where we listen closely to discover who you are and what your company goals look like. We conduct a comprehensuive research of your market competitors, generic audience and potential target base.


We strategize and prepare... We do a full media and content audit, map all your collaterals, and make sure every result we're going for is trackable and measurable. Once we've built a foundation of facts, we'll find the perfect communication mix to reach, engage and persuade your target market.


Ongoing content initiatives require several key decisions: What kind of content? How often? And where will it go?
So, we select or create optimized blog posts, E-books, templates, videos, infographics, white papers, newsletters, case studies, and reliable external content


Figuring out what worked is the most important step of all. Our work here is done when we can prove to you that your investment is paying off. Whether it's page views, website visits, conversion of prospects or the bottom line.

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